The Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children is a Lions community service project, and the result of a few dedicated and committed volunteers together with the support from the public and the Lions family throughout Malaysia. The Centre has been set up since 1987 in Penang and is providing FREE services to the autistic children and their families.

From a small group of four children, the Centre is now offering free services to more than 55 children, ranging from 5 years old to 23 years old. Another Centre is also founded in Butterworth to meet the increasing needs of the northern region in Malaysia.
REACh hosts individual programmes such as Individual Teaching-Learning Session, Subang Jaya Learning Box Computer Programme and Art & Creativity Programme.  The Centre also conduct group programmes such as Music & Movement Therapy, Sunday Group Therapy, Snoezelen Room, Pre-Vocational and Storytelling. All these strongly reinforce the learning process of children and enable them to recognise, differentiate, value and appreciate people, things, objects and situations in a natural and orderly manner.
The above REACh programmes focus on the overall development of the child in terms of mental, language; speech and communication; motor; social; and self-help. Most parents tend to believe that only the mental and speech defects of the child need to be corrected and once those are adjusted, the child should be able to make progress in the other areas.  This is unfortunately not true. All five areas must be addressed simultaneously in order for them to successfully join normal schools and be integrated into society.