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Cocktail Fruit & Vege Shower Scrub


Part of the CARE series, This invigorating scrub uses natural scrubbing granules of varying sizes to promote skin cell renewal at multiple levels. Olive Phytpeel exfoliates away larger portions of dead skin. Walnut then gently smooths and refines the skin. Meanwhile, antioxidant ingredients such pomegranate, olive, broccoli and cucumber combine to leave your skin youthful, hydrated and radiant.

Steel Magnolia Shower Creme


This gentle cleansing shower creme contains Pomegranate Extract that serves as an excellent anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from damages caused by free radicals.

Zest! Hand & Body Lotion


This fast absorbing lotion contains Natural Whitening Oil that is made out of 3 plants (Candeia, Love Plant, Japanese Camellia).

These plants oil are well known for their brightening, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidantproperties. Apply daily to keep your skin moisturized and radiant looking.

Elixir Hand & Body Lotion


This fast absorbing lotion contains Roman Chamomile Hydroglycolic Extract that soothes your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Apply daily for a soft and supple skin.

Amazing Grace Hand & Body Lotion


This fast absorbing lotion contains Siberian Ginseng Extract that energises the skin by activating the skin’s metabolism and collagen production, making your skin firm and toned.

Luminous Sparkling Lotion


Not only does it provide the moisture to keep your skin smooth and supple, it also contains Tephrosia Purpurea Seed Extract. This extract is a vegetable plant active that stimulates the release of beta endorphins, the natural chemical in the body that makes us happy when eating chocolate.

Sweet Dream Lotion


Apply before sleep and wake up with energised, vibrant skin.It contains calming scent to help user relax, and energising mineral extract to enable the skin to resist environmental stress and rejuvenate dull and tired skin.

Cocktail Herb Shower Creme


Part of the CARE series, this invigorating shower crème deeply cleanses and calms skin. Enriched with natural energising extracts, including ginseng, licorice, pegaga (Centella Asiatica) and alpha bisabolol (derived from a medicinal tree), this herbal cocktail will revitalise your skin, leaving it firm, supple and naturally radiant.