The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) is a non-profit, nationwide non-governmental welfare organisation which was formed in 1986 by a group of parents and professionals. It aims at providing education, help, care and protection for people with autism and their family members. Currently, NASOM has established 14 Early Intervention Programmes and 3 Vocational Programmes for people inflicted with autism in Malaysia.

To become an efficient and effective organisation that provides services, strength and sanctuary for people with autism.
To advocate for the rights of people with autism and in doing so provide opportunities for them to learn and lead a productive and fulfilling life.
* To identify and promote the treatment, education, welfare and acceptance of people with autism
* To watch over and protect the people with autism
* To provide assistance and advice to families of people with autism
* To be a useful resource in the study, research and development of methodologies, therapies and treatment of autism and related disorders
NASOM’s core objectives is to offer life-long services to people with autism through various services and programmes. These services and programmes are results oriented and emphasis is on the acquisition of skills and changes in behaviour.


NASOM’s services and programmes are classified as follows:
* Assessment and Diagnosis
* Early Intervention
* Vocational Training