The Joblink Centre (The Society for Aid to the Handicapped) was founded in year 1991 by the Rotary Club of Penang in partnership with The Handicapped Children’s Centre. The People with Disabilities above the age of 18 are trained here to prepare them adequately for open employment or, to be working at Joblink’s Centre in its Sheltered Workshop.


Currently there are 46 Trainees at Joblink Centre’s Workshop, ranging from the ages of 18-44 years. Their Multi Disabilities range from Physical Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and the Intellectually Disabled. The Trainees work on sub-contract jobs from companies and are paid according to their capabilities. Since Joblink was opened in 1992, 20 trainees have found ‘open employment’ in hotels, factories and other companies. However, most of them are unable to seek open employment due to their degree of disability. The centre provides a Sheltered Workshop, tailored to their needs.


To seek suitable employment matching the needs of the individual trainee’s and, routine follow up to ensure job suitability. The philosophy of the Centre is to advance the independence and productivity for all people. Its goals are to assist disabled individuals to gain economic independence by :

Providing vocational and social skills training.
Creating public awareness.
Providing a sheltered workshop for individuals who are unable to work in open employment environments
Assisting them in seeking employment that would meet with individual capabilities.
Providing vocational and social skills training.
Increasing public awareness of the employability of individuals with disabilities.
Counselling individuals and their families living with disabilities.