Why AGift With Care


AGift With Care is a corporate social responsibility project of Universal Joy Sdn. Bhd.  With significant contributions and creative input from special people, we aim to create a series of personal care products and perfumes.


Our mission is to provide employment opportunities to special people, assist special people and their charitable organisations in becoming financially self-reliant. Enhance confidence and instill a sense of self-worth in special people through real outcomes such as employment; and raise public awareness about, and eliminate negative stereotypes towards special people.


In Malaysia, there are approximately 220,000 people with disabilities, approximately 95,000 of whom are registered with the Department of Welfare Services.  Disturbingly, only 4,000, or 4%, of these people enjoy paid employment.  This figure stands in stark contrast to those of developed nations such as the United States, where roughly 15.6 million people with disabilities, or 34%, are employed.

A large proportion of special people, especially those with physical disabilities, can join the workforce alongside the rest of society if given the opportunity, and if some cases, if workplace modifications are made (e.g., improved access and transport). Some special people, however, face greater hardship due to more sever disabilities.  For example, people with certain mental disabilities or motor discoordination may not be able to maintain employment.  AGift gives priority to special people who fall into this minority.


AGift helps better the lives of SP in two major ways:

Firstly, we provide employment opportunities to SP by utilising their talents in decorating the bottles our products are sold in.  For every bottle decorated, a negotiated wage is paid either directly to the painter or to their beneficiary organisation.  All SP working with AGift are recommended by their charitable organisations and have received approval from their guardian/s.

Secondly, for every product sold, an amount up to RM10 is set aside for our charity partners.

We make sure that our painters have fun in the process. There is no possibility of SP being exploited since all drawing sessions are guided by experienced and committed social workers, volunteers, and quite often, the parents and guardians themselves.  Most of the times our painters work in their comfort zone, only when they feel like it, and only when they are physically and mentally capable. To accommodate the various needs of our painters, our painting production runs at a very slow pace.


From Dependency to Self-Advocacy

It is very important for non-for-profit organisations to have operations that are self-sustainable. Many large and well-established not-for-profit organisations do not only rely on charity from society but seek to be self-sufficient by generating income through recycling and manufacturing activities.

These operations, however, are based on a collective effort from volunteers. Smaller not-for-profit organisations, on the other hand, often rely heavily on donations and help from volunteers who mostly consist of parents and caretakers of special people.

This project will not only support charitable organisations who help special people, but will also enable special people to contribute directly

to their own welfare through the process of decorating the bottles. This serves as an opportunity to educate them about the value of work, and foster a sense confidence and feeling of self-worth – the knowledge that you can do something is a critical part of the learning process.

Encouraging self-expression

As you would find in everyday society, our painters have varying degrees of artistic talent.  All of our painters, however, enjoy the ability to express themselves through their work with AGift.  Self-expression through media such as arts, crafts, music and dance can provide people with an opportunity for self-discovery.

Eliminating social stigma towards disability

Negative stereotypes about special people can lower expectations and contribute to

policies that keep special people in social and economic isolation. It is important that our society does not perceive special people asmerely charity recipients, but as productive human beings that are capable of contributing back to society and taking control of their own destinies. Through increased understanding and interaction, this is what AGift aims to achieve.

Last but not least, show your support!

While people are generally altruistic in nature, with the ever increasing pace of day-to-day life, making a continuous commitment to a charity can sometimes be overshadowed by other more immediate matters.  Through AGift, we hope to tap into the wider community and make our products easily accessible. In this way, society can support special people by simply purchasing items that are of daily use.


Although AGift aims to improve social inclusion for SP, we realise that in order to survive in today’s consumer market, no sacrifice can be made when it comes to quality.  Our goal is that once you try an AGift product, its quality alone will justify you coming back for more.  Hence, whether its basic toiletries or exclusive fragrances, we ensure that AGift products exceed the high standards set by consumers and compete readily with other leading/commercial brands in the market.